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Delivery and installation

We have been working with our nationally and internationally experienced logistics partners for many years in order to guarantee on-time and safe delivery.
On request, we offer you our all-inclusive service, with our fitters taking care of the delivery, the transport and of course the professional assembly of your new salon furniture.


We are also very happy to assist you in the area of financing. We coordinate these with you and your individual financing needs in cooperation with our financing partners according to volume and repayment options.

Installment purchase:

Another possibility is based on an installment offer, this financing consists of a down payment and a maximum of 12 monthly installments.


We offer you a leasing on full armature consisting of 2 or 3 components - with or / without down payment - terms of 24 to 72 months as well as a pre-determined residual value with payment of this residual value, the entire facility becomes your property.

For the leasing terms, we recommend using the term of your rental agreement as a basis.
* Our offer is aimed exclusively at traders.