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Karisma lamp infrared black
Karisma lamp infrared black
Karisma lamp infrared black
Karisma lamp infrared black
Karisma lamp infrared black
Karisma lamp infrared black

Karisma lamp infrared black

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A REAL novelty for your hair salon
- pleasant infrared heat for shampoo chairs and hairdressing chairs

The innovative INFRARED heat lamp from Karisma combines appealing,
modern design with pleasant infrared heat for the washing area
and dressing chair. The warm red light of the infrared heat lamp creates
Not only does it create a pleasant atmosphere in your salon, it values yours
Innovative hairdressing equipment. The deeply effective infrared light offers
A whole range of advantages for your customers.


The warming infrared light
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • improves the oxygen supply in the hair roots
  • accelerates the breakdown of toxins in the bloodstream
  • relaxes cramped muscles in the neck and neck area
  • has a pain relieving effect and relieves stress
  • improves the effect of care products
  • improves the effect of cosmetic applications
  • warms the pool pleasantly
  • keeps the customer's head warm during treatment


    Installed over a shelf, you can also use the infrared lamp
    Use preheating of towels and your customers
    offer the luxury of towels at a pleasant temperature after washing your hair.


    Easy installation and flexible height adjustment


    The heat lamp does not require any extra space in your salon.
    It is securely attached to the ceiling with just one screw.
    This makes the Karisma INFRARED heat lamp suitable for people with disabilities
    Space in smaller salons. Thanks to the approximately 1.5 meter long
    The infrared heat lamp can use almost any spiral cable with a cable reel
    and can be easily adjusted in height. Just like it is for your customers
    is most comfortable. The cable reel is invisible under the ceiling rose
    hidden and in no way disturbs the optically appealing overall impression
    Your Karisma hairdressing facility.


    Lampshades suitable for every new hairdressing facility

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